If You Love looking Great
in front of your customers,
It starts with software for better customer service.


Engage Your Customers With SMS, Greeting Cards And Gifts
Sent For You With Your Own Business Branding.

Gifttag saves you time and money in
engaging your customers.
Increases customer loyalty and helps you
build a strong customer base.


582,887 Contacts

Are engaged with Gifttag by
Insurance Agents, Property Agents,
Small & Medium Businesses including:

Send A Gift

Select a gift from our store sorted by occasion, budget and more. Each Gift goes out with your own business branding, creating value like never before.

Send A SMS

SMS reaches your customers with your choice of a name. Impress your customers starting from just one sms.

Send A Greeting Card

Simply type in your message and hit done. A grand greeting card with your own business branding reaches your customers, prepared and sent for you.

Gifttag is perfect for
Insurance Agents, Property Agents and Small & Medium Businesses

Let your customers know that you remember

Every time you engage your customers, you show them you care and value them, pulling them closer to you and your brand. The next time they refer, they will refer you with the best display of customer service.

Increase your brand within your customers mind.

Each Gift, SMS and Greeting Card reaches your customers with your own business branding, thus making it personal and valuable. You make them feel good doing business with you.

Stay organized, stay ahead of your customers.

All of your customers’ information in one place conveniently gets you what you need when you need it. Set reminders on important events, celebrations, birthdays. Track sales, how much you spend on enaging your customers and many more.

Create Loyal Customers
Who refer you more business.

Save time, money and increase your branding today!


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